5th Annual Resident Research Conference Abstract Book
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It is my honor and my priviledge to write this message as Vice chancellor of RMU and patron in chief of the 5th annual resident research conference of RMU. It is indeed a great opportunity for us all to share knowledge, innovations and research with experts of the field. The hard work of participants is much appreciated.

As the world copes with unprecedented changes in our profession, how we function as clinicians and surgeons in combatting disease and promoting health in all forms, universities that provide high quality education and enable world-class research have become fundamentally vital for the society’s functioning and well-being. It is my immense pleasure to say RMU is, without doubt, a rising star among the medical universities in Pakistan.

RMU houses a world-class faculty who deeply appreciate their responsibility to provide their students education of the highest quality which prepares them to become exceptionally well-qualified physicians and surgeons, and brilliant innovators in their desired fields.

RMU provides an outstanding opportunity for transdisciplinary education, research, innovation, and policy development which breaks the traditional silos of academic exploration and allows chartering new territories that open a wealth of opportunities for all citizens irrespective of their background, financial standing, or social status.

RMU looks forward to continuing its role as a trailblazing university that makes long-term impactful contributions in the field of medicine in Pakistan and globally.

This conference and the annual gala dinner and social evening are opportunities for alumni and students to have glimpse into the future we are all striving to build.

Abstract Book